• How do I apply?

    There are two ways to apply with 1st Stop Finance. The quickest and easiest way to apply is by clicking one of the Yellow ‘Apply now’ buttons that can be found on every one of the website pages. This will direct you to a very simple application form that should take no more than one minute to complete. Hit the submit button, read and agree to the terms and conditions and you will receive an answer within 60 seconds.

    Alternatively, you can call one of our experienced Business Managers on 01269 596687 and they will happily talk you through the process.

  • What documents do I need if I get accepted for Finance?

    Usually all we need is your driving license. However, in some cases we may need some extra proof of address i.e utility bill, council tax etc.

  • Can I make extra payments to pay off the finance early?

    Yes, depending which finance company has approved your application, so please check with your Business Manager during the application.

  • Can you help me if my current car has negative equity?

    Yes, we can help depending on the amount of negative equity.

  • How long will it take to get my new car?

    If the car is ready with the Approved dealer then we can move very fast and get you driving the same day in most cases.